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Home Remedy

posted Jan 18, 2013, 7:55 PM by Kelley Likes
When we lived in Douglasville, we had a HUGE fire pit.  One of the fun things we used to do was drive around and pick up used couches and burn them.  

On one lovely burning day, we found a nice couch and lit it on fire.  We happened to have two missionaries over.  One of them came limping into the house.  I thought he had burned his foot.  He took off his sock and shoe and I got the bottle of mustard.  I heard that mustard takes the sting out of burns, so I squeezed a huge amount on to his foot. 

The missionary whipped out his phone and took a picture.  He then informed me that he had stepped on a nail, not burned his foot.  When I asked him why he let me put mustard on it, he said it was because he wanted to get a picture of his foot covered in mustard...