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posted Feb 25, 2013, 6:29 PM by Kelley Likes
My mom called me and told me that my grandmother had had a "Bob Moment."  I decided to share it with Jared.

I told Jared that my grandmother had had a Bob Moment in a car wash.  When her car was done being washed, one of the workers came and knocked on the window and told her to pull forward.  She told him that she tried, but her transmission must have gone out.  The worker said he needed to go get his manager.

When the manager arrived, he informed my grandmother that she needed to turn her car on.  

Jared had been looking at me in horror the entire time I was telling the story.  When I was done, still in shock he asked, "Why did your grandmother have a bowel movement in a car wash???"

Bob Moment = Bowel Movement...